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A Simple Tamil-Punjabi wedding in the capital

A Simple Tamil-Punjabi Wedding With Bride In Beautiful Kanjeevaram & Jewellery!

  •   Shruti & Sagar
  •  Gurgaon
  • Category: WeddingMulticultural Weddings
    Ever read Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States? Our today’s love story is just a replica of this hot-selling novel! While our bride Shruti is a Tamilian, our groom Sagar is a Punjabi. The two had been dating each other for the past 8 years. Shruti’s confession about her story is one to be adored for as she shares “It’s amazing when you date someone from your teenage years and end up getting married as best friends.” Well, after all, Pyaar Dosti Hai 😛

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