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The inception of Oaks wedding was like two friends walking right in to the middle of what they were destined to do, Rahul & Nasif we both met at a common friends place and from there it took lot of coffees & sandwiches to bring it up under one roof.

epic story teller

If there is something that we want you to know right away it’s all about the way we have walked through in the last half a decade, we were just two of us in a moderately built studio suit and gradually in couple of years we are a team of 25+ with photographers, fine art cinematographers, editors, bloggers and designers combined on role and off role

Now we travel all around India to document and narrate love stories of people from different sets of life, we have read somewhere that,

“Every love stories are beautiful, but ours is my favorite”


For us, all love stories are beautiful and unique, and we seriously love being a catalyst in documenting and narrating your love story for the days you sit back and groove your fingers each other through gray hair lines!

There are some common traits in folks that make oaks, we live to travel & hike and we always love to live close to the nature

When we look back we really love the way we have traveled so far, we now get our pictures and films featured in leading wedding platforms of India,  we have been mentioned in polka cafe as best photographers in India. Though we are still striving to carve our own niche in documenting uniquely different love stories.