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Are you planning a quirky and fun pre-wedding shoot in blue city, jodhpur?

Most couple must have dreamt of a pre-wedding shoot in the blue city Jodhpur, we had this awesome couple come through to oaks wedding to get their pre-wedding shoot done in Jodhpur, Jacob and Diana, Jacob who works in artificial intelligence in Calcutta and Diana who works for the clinics in London, both of them didn’t have a second thought about the location for their pre-wedding shoot We didn’t have any previous shoot experiences in Jodhpur so we have done our pre-virtual tours to know much about the city but there were not enough resources to know about the perfect locations for a pre-wedding shoot, this blog will help you know the best places for a pre-wedding shoot in Jodhpur
We flew from Bangalore to Jodhpur reached there early in the morning, we took a quick nap and called up a local rental to hire a moped and we decided to cruse the blue city first  I won’t try to sugarcoat the “blue city” of Jodhpur for you. As much as I wanted to see the naturally colored indigo rooftops, and stand in awe before majestic old havelis with intricately carved doors, I couldn’t ignore the trash lining the streets and the stench from the open sewage. I couldn’t ignore the honking of bikes and autos as they maneuvred the narrow by-lanes, the autorikshaws are perfectly shaped to cruise through the slender lanes of the blue town which you could definitely incorporate in your shoot, there are so many roof top 
havelis in blue town where you can get some shots where in some you may have to pay a fortune, some of them are sangvis haveli , castle view haveli and the rani Mahal in old blue town most of them have a series of staircases to climb on the top but once you climb them you have meherengrah fort in front of you from most of the havelis, other things you can try in old blue town is mirror photography in the slender pathways unfortunately we couldn’t and the marvelouselly carved rustic doors are something that you can’t take your eyes off in blue town, we would suggest you take a deep surf in blue town before you get there for shoot , the chances are more for you get lost in the lanes but for some good reason google maps works in those lanes and when you surf through the lanes you can mark it in the map where you can navigate yourself to the same spot when you come for the shoot We took it on an early morning moped ride that took us through the narrow by-lanes to undiscovered gems, and transported us to Jodhpur’s rich history with untold stories of the days gone by.

Mehenrengrah fort is where we went next Mehrangarh Fort the city’s main landmark. The walk itself is a little steep, but the great doorways and grand pathways will make you stand at awe where you will forget the pain of climbing the steep, we recommend to enter the fort by 9am that’s their opening time once you finish your shoot in blue town early in the morning, since the fort is a major destination most time of the day is filled with tourists around the world. Again what you have in the fort is about the immaculately carved doors and grand pathways. For something a bit adventurous, you can actually go zip-lining inside the fort consists of 6 separate zip lines which fly around the fort, and give you a bird’s eye view of the gardens and the desert lakes  there are so many unique things that you could find inside the palace which you can use as per your ethos.

The next location lies about the feet of Mehrangarh fort Jaswant Thada, a marvel in white stands silently shrouded by trees and surrounded by gardens. We drove a little distance from the Mehrangarh, crossed a placid lake in the rocky environs to see this monument. If you’re looking for something else to do after you finish touring the fort, you can visit Rao Jodha desert rock park This Park sits at the foot of the fort, where you can hike the trails and see some of the local vegetation.
In my opinion, Jodhpur has one of the best sunsets, which means you’re going to want to find a rooftop to watch the magic happen. but we preferred to find the raw way to enjoy the sunset , we took the help of local people to find the perfect place for sunset from the fort you have to travel the other way round to reach this location local people asked us to look for Shri jwala matha temple and from there to water tank where the drinking water been supplied to the villagers it’s about half an hour climb to reach this location by foot, there  is a Shiva temple at the peak and the view from the top is just mesmerizing which rejuvenates you with a cool breeze and you can watch the entire blue city and jodhpur from that point Other places you can have shoot done is Umaid Bhavan palace which is currently run by Taj hotels and you don’t have access unless you have a room booked there, the other part of the palace is a museum where you have access with an entry charge but not worth for a pre-wedding shoot, the other place you can try is clock tower which didn’t fall in our ethos and we didn’t give it a try.
We had to wrap everything in two days one day for the trial hunt and the next day for the shoot we would suggest our fellow photographers and filmers take at least two days for the shoot else you will be exhausted by the end of the day.