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Hunting a wedding Photographer? Don’t make these mistakes

So you’re getting married! Wow! Congratulations! You’ve got a lot of preparations to make, and one of the most important ones is roping in a great wedding photographer. Unfortunately, many messes it up; make sure you don’t go down that road!

  • Prioritizing the Album: Sure, if you have a fancy, posh album you can show it off to visitors; but let’s say you’re tightening the rope on the photography budget. Going in for a drool-worthy album while hiring a greenhorn photographer may do you more harm because you’ll end up with a bunch of ‘OMG what’s this?’ pictures in a ‘wow!’ album. What really matters is ‘Wow!’ pictures, which really capture the moods of the bride and the groom, their families, and the ceremony properly. Compromise on the album – never the photography; hire a seasoned professional.
  • Too many photographers: How many times have you heard from wedding guests that the only thing they could see at the wedding was the white umbrellas and the backs of photographers? Aha- too many! Not only do they prevent guests from enjoying the actual function, but it’s also a colossal waste of resources. The bride and the groom should share the expenses of one good photography team. This way there will be no duplication, and you get to save.
  • Letting others click away: Your family may be trigger happy, especially with the huge Smartphones everyone sports these days. But all those flashes and the devices held up again spoil the show. Shoo them away from the Mandap and let them shoot away from a distance.
  • Demanding all pictures: To get the most out of the day, a photographer may click thousands of pictures. Come on, do you really want those unflattering pictures where you look nothing like a demure bride or dashing groom? That’s a big no-no. Let the photographer be the judge, and take only the best.

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